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Amersham, Chesham, Chafont & Latimer, Chorleywood, Rickmansworth

London Underground’s (LU) multi-billion pound upgrade of the Metropolitan Line has, so far, left passengers between Amersham, Chesham and Rickmansworth with slower trains, longer journeys and less seats. Passengers from Moor Park no longer have access to any off peak fast services.

From December 2011, all off-peak ‘fast’ services from stations outside Greater London were replaced with slower ‘all-stations’ trains to London. This has added 10 minutes to an already unacceptably slow journey time and has made the journey to/from London very tedious. New trains have been introduced, but these have fewer seats leaving commuters to stand for long journeys.


Contact your MP, write a letter, get tweeting…we need to make sure people are kept aware of the issues raised by this campaign, so please get involved, even if you only tell your friends. This page contains many of the contacts you will need to make your voice heard.


Latest response from London Underground – February 2013

Following a January meeting with Cheryl Gillan MP (Chesham and Amersham) for which MetTimes briefed Mrs Gillan with an extensive issues list, London Underground responded with a lengthy reply. As expected it reiterates their point that the all stations service pattern benefits Met line users overall, that they know this has led to a slower service for north Met line users but they won’t be changing it. One of the points raised was about poor communication and lack of consultation, so here it is in action!

Bizarrely, they stated they would ask MetTimes to publish their letter on our website, so that their side of the argument would be made clear. I am happy to do this as it furthers our argument rather than supports theirs. Of course, I expect they will do the same for us on their website in the interests of balance… I have scanned the letter and made it available for download, along with the briefing notes (relating to Chesham/Amersham) I supplied to Cheryl Gillan:

As you will see, LU continue their refusal to recognise that users from the north Metropolitan line have different requirements to those of central London tube users as the trains are less frequent and the journeys considerably longer than any other line. It is a suburban rail line which happens to be owned and operated by LU. Journey times are far more important than the combined waiting/journey time. In any case, there is little planned improvement for frequencies when the signalling upgrade is complete (2016) and none at all for Chesham.

There are too many gaps and unaddressed issues for me to go into detail here, but these will be covered in the MetTimes e-newsletter which is due out by the end of February – sign up to receive it on the top right of this page.

In the meantime, please keep writing to your MP – we need to keep the pressure up as we have no democratic input to LU and they are still not listening. Oddly enough, the letter is rather dismissive of the idea of a formal governance group for services they provide outside London!

Buckinghamshire Examiner article, 11/10/2012

See this weeks Buckinghamshire Examiner article about the MetTimes campaign. Also available on their website at:


Writing to your MP is an excellent way of raising your concerns about the Metropolitan line service. A letter template is provided for you here:

Further suggestions for content are provided below in ‘Letter Template and Content Suggestions’.

Local MPs’ contact details are as follows:

Chesham, Amersham and Chalfont & Latimer

Cheryl Gillan, MP for Chesham and Amersham

Chorleywood and Rickmansworth

David Gauke, MP for Hertfordshire South West

Find your MP

If you aren’t sure who your MP is, use the handy postcode finder below (courtesy of


Write to your local County Councillor as the County Council is responsible for transport issues. Point out the impact the poor service is having on you and, in the longer term, the local economy.

REMEMBER – slow, uncomfortable trains are not good for business or for encouraging commuters to move to your town!

Amersham, Chesham and Little Chalfont (Chalfont & Latimer)

You are served by Buckinghamshire County Council. Their website listing your local councillors is available at:

Chorleywood and Rickmansworth

You are served by Hertfordshire County Council. Their website listing your local councillors is available at:

Find your councillors

If you aren’t sure who your county councillors are, use the handy postcode finder below (courtesy of


London TravelWatch is the independent, statutory watchdog for transport users in and around London. They look into complaints from people unhappy with the response they have received from their transport provider. If you have already contacted London Underground about the current service and are not satisfied with their response, London Travelwatch can assist.


The London Travelwatch website is:

Their ‘Contacts’ page is at:

Postal address and phone number:

London TravelWatch
Dexter House
2 Royal Mint Court
London, EC3N 4QN

Tel: 020 3176 2999 (Monday to Friday, 09.00 to 17.00).


We have produced a letter template which you may find useful to send to your MP as it is, or use as a basis for something you may wish to write yourself. The letter is available as a Word file for you to download:

Whoever you are writing to, whether it’s your MP or a letter to a local paper, is is useful to keep in mind the following arguments:

  • the lack of democratic accountability for LU services outside London
  • the slow and frustrating off-peak journeys on trains calling at all-stations
  • LU’s insufficient focus on speed of journey
  • the lack of seats on the new trains

Please be polite, especially when dealing with LU staff. We are aware that many LU staff find the current service as frustrating as we do, so they may be useful allies and are simply doing their job. Managers at LU are also under great pressure, so it is important to win them over rather than antagonise them.

The major issues are, as ever, a mixture of politics and managerial priorities and we need to be persistent but polite.


Writing a letter to your local newspaper is an excellent way of highlighting the issues faced by Met line users in your area. Details of local newspapers and their websites are listed here:

Buckinghamshire Examiner (Amersham, Chesham, Little Chalfont)

Watford Observer (Chorleywood and Rickmansworth)

My Chorleywood News Magazine (Chorleywood)

London Evening Standard

Letters and other contacts can be found at:

BBC London

Submit a story at:

If you know of other local news channels, please let us know via our contact form

Contact us

Get in touch with us – we’d like to hear about your recent experiences of the Met. Have you changed your journey since the all-stations timetable came in, or do you stand now when you used to get a seat?

Let us know whether you are happy for your story to be quoted on this site or used as evidence about the impact of the timetable by checking the box below.

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